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Fundación Global Agro is a non-profit organization born in 2010 with a mission: to promote childhood education and the region´s culture in rural areas in order to contribute to equal opportunities for low income children and their families.


We work with 6 rural schools in the Tres Isletas, Chaco area: 727 school, 411 school, 477 school, 477 school. Anexo 1 and 2 and 870 school.

We seek to make sure these schools have the material conditions that will guarantee the children in these areas have access to a dignified and decent school and quality education as well.


We have implemented programs that will strengthen the schools and at the same time tend to the needs of each child whether it´s school supplies or clothes.

The foundation follows the child from his/her early education through their primary and secondary education.


We have implemented scholarships for secondary technical schools.

Sowing bases

The “Sowing Bases” program revolves around two axes: improvement of the education´s quality and infrastructure of the schools we work with while contributing to an innovative education that will allow each individual with their own aptitudes and capabilities to increase their job opportunities and access to a better quality of life.

There are two main points of focus:

Education quality

This program is based both on the teachers needs for continuing education as well as inclusion of new study plans that will foster the student´s learning, experimentation and creativity.

We are currently working on the inclusion of art courses as well as music, physical education and computing in those schools that still haven´t incorporated these courses to their curriculum.

School insfrastructure

We collaborate with the maintenance and repair of the schools as well as with the improvement of the services provided to the students.

Some of the projects include: drilling of water wells and installation of pipelines, renewal of bathrooms (latrines were replaced by toilets), heating and air conditioning systems, construction and repair of classrooms.

Health and nutrition

The rural area of Tres Isletas lacks a decent health care assistance. For this reason we have implemented a volunteer program through which a team of doctors, dentists, oftalmologists and nutrition specialists visit the schools’ students.
The program presently treats over 300 people.


You can make it possible for these programs to reach more schools by contributing on a monthly basis through your credit or debit card.

The donation will be entirely allocated to the implementation of the “Sowing Bases” program in the rural schools in Tres Isletas, Chaco.

The foundation will supply you with bi-monthly reports on the improvements made thanks to your contribution to the school that you have chosen to sponsor.